Simona Moroni writer of Hollywood Daze, Medusa Blues and Nimf.


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Simona Moroni is the author of Hollywood DazeNimf and Medusa Blues. She has a MA in Film studies and worked at the Venice Film Festival, later as a film journalist and as a marketing strategist at Warner Bros in Rome and London.

Simona started writing full-time, after her debut novel got published. 

Simona grew up surrounded by books, mostly thrillers. 

She read Edgar Allen Poe when she was eight. Didn't understand it, loved it anyway. Her grandmother let her stay up late to watch scary movies. So she never feels bad when she spends her days binge-watching or reading three books at once.

Simona lives in London and Tuscany with her husband and three dogs, and when she fulfilling her duties as the leader of that pack, she is writing. Or dreaming. Or watching TV. Or eating pasta and artichokes.


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