Hollywood Daze

How far will you go, to kill it in this town?



A dark, funny and unputdownable coming of age story, Hollywood Daze follows the adventures of Mona in a brutal and dazzling Los Angeles


"They’re waiting at the grave. We plant the seeds ... Next year they’ll bloom, technicolor fed by darkness. Like this town."

Why is Mona standing next to a grave at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery? 

Before coming to L.A. Mona was heartbroken and stuck. Others would kill for a chance to work on a Hollywood movie, but Mona is not one of them. Her brother Joost is the director and working for him is a drag. Theirs is a deeply dysfunctional family and the relationship with her brother was already rocky after Mona had to save his last movie when he had a complete meltdown. And now Joost wants to change a rom-com into the ultimate gay romance.

Then Mona meets Elki— a K-town native who made her way up to a mansion in the Hills, she's fiercely alive, a daredevil with a heart of gold, she pulls Mona into her fascinating life, making her think she can stand up to her brother's selfish demands. 

But Hollywood with all its scandals, dirt, gossip and controlling personalities is playing its own wicked game. Soon, and maybe it's her own damn fault, everything spirals out of control.

Mona must make an impossible choice that will destroy her friendship, her family, and her own future.

Plotted with a madcap energy- dark and tender and timely- Hollywood Daze is an unforgettable read.


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